Charcuterie board for sharing

IDR 310,000++

prosciutto San Daniele | salami Milano | chorizo picante | brie| manchego | grana padano | Chef’s selection of bread & condiments


IDR 100,000++

Chinese dumpling | minced pork | prawn
mix greens|chilli soy sauce

Mezze selection (for sharing)

IDR  210,000++

hummus | tzatziki | muhammara | falafel | feta halloumi | artichoke | mushroom | cucumber  tomato sumac | pita bread 

Loaded waffle fries

IDR 80,000++

Beef with bbq sauce | cheese sauce | jalapeno green onion

Smoked salmon roulade

IDR 130,000++

herb cream | petit salad | lemon| beetroot jelly

Snack mix

IDR 80,000++

salted mini pretzels | bagel chips | cereal

Duck bao

IDR 120,000++

steamed bun| roasted duck| cucumber pickle|
xo sauce

Spicy roasted nuts & crackers

IDR 110,000++

cashewnuts | almonds| peanuts |hazelnuts
spicy crackers

DF cheese balls

IDR 100,000++

truffle aioli | rocket |semi dried cherry tomato

Fior di latte gelato

IDR 60,000++

pistachio |gold glitter |heart flower

Crispy fried calamari

IDR 120,000++

oregano | cayenne | lemon | parsley

Parlour sweet selection

IDR 110,000++

valhrona chocolate truffle| macaron lamington cake| white choco with salted caramel | coffee  cream caramel

From wines to whiskies

Our extensive wine, liquor, and beverage list is coming soon.